8 February 2018, Comments: 0

On Monday, we had Mrs Lovell. In the morning, we had our spelling test while Mrs Fleming was busy marking our other diaries. Then we had maths where we are learning about improper and mixed number fractions. After break we had English looking at spelling rules.

This Tuesday, we went on an amazing trip to the Astro Campus at York University. We met up with David who took us to our activities. We sat in the space dome and we had lots of fun looking at stars and different constellations. Next, we made egg landers to see if we could design a safe way for the astronauts to land! It was super fun! Soon afterwards, we programmed sphiros [type of robot.]

On Wednesday, we did maths, carrying on with fraction action, with special visitors coming to watch our super maths. We had spelling in the afternoon it was great fun. We finished off looking at internet safety.

Today, we had PE, maths, literacy and designing our rockets.

Tomorrow, we will be interviewing the class because they are applying to be an astronaut and fraction action in maths.


Enjoy your holiday.

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