21 October 2016, Comments: 0

Nearly The Half Term!


We started the day off with some guided reading. Some off us do free reading which means you can read what you want. We read another chapter of Kensuke’s Kingdom. A mysterious man left water, fish and red bananas!


We had a visitor come in to our class and look at us doing column subtraction and she talked to some children and asked questions.


In 9 O’clock work we were adding 4, 5, 6 digit numbers in our heads. Have a try at this calculation in your head 427,618+ ______=1,000,000.We found out who the mystery man is in our class book, he is called Kensuke.


Today we made some origami stars for a space display. We used pictures of the Union Jack, Tim Peake and our School logo. In literacy we thought about ISPACE which stands for Ing, Simile, Preposition, Adverb, Connective, ED sentences.


We started the day of with planting bulbs in the peace garden and in science we are learning about habitats and adaptation. Have a fabulous half term!

By Matthew and Charlie



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