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Monday 23.9.19

This morning we had a spelling test and learnt the meaning of plurals and how to use apostrophes. Then our daily run-3 laps of the playground. Next, we had maths and because of the U.C.I championships we solved some bike problems. After that we practiced TT – Times Table Rockstars – time’s tables. To finish of the day, singing once again for the young voices contest including shiny happy people (you might know it).

Tuesday 24.9.19

To start of the day, we practiced our spellings (contractions) and learnt ISPACE which means Ing words, Similes, Prepositions, Adverbs, Conjunctions and Ed words. Next, we did planning to write a paragraph for a calm ocean. We looked at colours of a calm ocean.

Wednesday 25.9.19

Today, we did a detailed paragraph of the calm, calm ocean without writing the word water. After that, the daily run- 3 laps of the playground, we can’t forget about that! Next, maths – rounding to the nearest 1000. Also, we made a comic strip called “The Great Bicycle Adventure”.

Thursday 26 .9 .19

Today we started the day with contrasting descriptive language of a violent stormy sea. In maths today, we were rounding numbers. This afternoon we played swamp ball in P.E (WHICH IS A BIT LIKE DODGE BALL). To finish of the day we read some of our class book.

Friday 27 .9 .19

To start the day, we warmed up by doing 3 laps of the playground. During art we used pastels to create a scene from Kensuke’s Kingdom. We are all looking forward to the cycling.


Lily and Rose


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