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What a strange end of term we have had. I’ve missed the usual end of term Easter activities like Easter reflections and Shine and Share, but I expect you have been shining and sharing at home. We have uploaded some Easter ideas on the files sections of TEAMS. There are also lots of Easter craft ideas online, that you might enjoy. Why don’t you organise an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt with clues!

You have worked so hard this term. We have been especially proud of how hard you have worked over the last two weeks. Thank you for emailing and sharing with us.

We won’t be setting any work for the next two weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some nice weather. Don’t forget the stem hub website that has lots of practical activities to do at home. Every day is a science day! I wonder if you will be planting any seeds? We will be planting some sunflower seeds this weekend. If you have some seeds perhaps you could plant one too and we can compare. https://www.thestemhub.org.uk/index.php/stem-at-home/space

The files section in TEAMs has a TES document with oodles of great websites and ideas for rainy days. Why not have a tour around an online museum? We hope you will enjoy lots of time away from screens too. Perhaps you might do some Easter baking or make a card for someone on your street.

Our friends at the Diocese of York and Leeds have sent some ideas for Holy Week. We have uploaded them into TEAMs too.

After the Easter break we will be moving onto a new learning platform, called See Saw. If you have a younger brother or sister they will already be using it. We think this might make it easier for us to set and share our learning. Teams will still be up and running but we will be sending out new passwords over the next couple of weeks ready to start after the Easter holidays.

Stay safe and look after each other. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Happy Easter


Mrs Crisell and Mrs Styles

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