4 May 2020, Comments: 0

This week our theme is VE Day, so we are taking a break from Saxons this week. There are lots of fun themed VE based activities for you to choose from.

We are pleased to see lots of you are confident with your angles vocabulary. This week we will be looking at naming triangles and their angles, then moving on to coordinates. Once you have brushed up on your skills you might like to play a game of battleships too.

As always we have shared a great activity from the Primary Science Teaching Trust. I’m sure you remember Mia’s Grandad’s best ever science lesson. I certainly do! We had a quick try with spinners but there is much more to explore. There is another great video you can watch to go along with it.

All the activity links are on See Saw and your maths is on My maths and Maths with parents as usual

Most importantly, look after each other and enjoy a well earned rest on Friday.

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