1 April 2020, Comments: 0

Welcome to a new month at RTS online. I hope that everyone is well and coping with the new pattern of daily life.

As well as accessing online learning it is important to keep the wellbeing of everyone in our school family at the centre of our focus. Below are some mindful and relaxation exercises that parents can do with younger children to help with managing anxiety.



There are also some useful sites below for adults managing anxiety about the virus.




Someone who is not aware of the current travel restrictions is Peter the Peacock, who turned up on the school roof today. I can confirm that he did follow the two metre rule by staying on the roof, see picture below.

Finally, congratulations to Mrs Crisell, who has received the wonderful news that she has been chosen to be the first primary school teacher to be sent into space and carry out a virtual lesson on the International Space Station. Her lesson will be beamed to every country in the world, which is a huge honour. She is due to blast off exactly one year from today. Please make sure that you check today’s date to make sure you recognise the importance of this announcement!

Andrew Symonds

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