3 March 2023, Comments: 0

Before we look ahead to a very busy week at RTS we need to firstly celebrate all the achievements of last week.

The cake sale and non-uniform day for the Turkey Syria Earthquake appeal raised an astounding £1000, breaking all records for fundraising at RTS. Thank you to everyone who contributed both by baking and donating.

Thursday was another day of celebration as we enjoyed World Book Day. The photos below are a sample of the wonderful outfits worn by the children and staff; special mention must go to Mr Starkey, whose Miss Trunchbowl was both fantastic and terrifying.

All the children have also participated in Fairtrade Live Lessons with the children in KS1 meeting a Fairtrade Coco Farmer from Sierra Leone. Did you know it takes five years to grow a coco tree from seed before you get any chocolate at all!

Onto this week.

On Monday we celebrate the first Super Pupils of March from every class; Ribblesdale will be enjoying their Gold Reward Day. We will also be looking forward to the arrival of the Duck Eggs that we will be caring for as the ducklings hatch at some point this week.
On Tuesday we welcome the team from St John’s who will be leading our worship.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning Wharfedale and Wensleydale respectively will be enjoying a Fairtrade Workshop led by Mrs Rosy Jones.

It is animation club and science club after school on Wednesday, both groups had a great time last week and we are looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

National Science Week begins of Friday 10th March, our focus will be biodiversity with every class studying an animal of global importance and preparing to promote it in front of the whole school on Thursday 17th March.

Andrew Symonds



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