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Welcome back to what will be the most important year in the school’s long history. We have had a busy summer and the preparations have all now been completed to welcome every child back to Richard Taylor School on Tuesday.

Everyone should have received the details of their starting arrangements, including the staggered start and finish times for every class. The one way system and staggered arrival times worked very well when we reopened to limited groups in June 2020. As we reopen for every family it will be really important that everyone plays their part in following the one way system, respecting the need to socially distance themselves from other families and remembering to avoid stopping to talk when dropping off or collecting your children.

On Tuesday morning both Mrs Crisell and myself will be in the playground to make sure everyone gets to the correct classroom door where they will be welcomed by the class teachers. All of the changes required have be made to keep everyone safe and we look forward to seeing all of our children back at school ready to learn and enjoy being part of the school community again.

I would like to especially welcome all of the new starters who will begin their staggered start to life at RTS later in the week.

The first newsletter of the year will be published later in the first week and we will continue to update everyone though newsletters, emails and text messages at the term progresses.

One key message for all parents is the need to remember not to send your child to school if they are unwell. If you or your child develop one or more of the main coronavirus symptoms an online test can be booked online or over the telephone through 119.

We are determined to make sure that we help every child to get back to school and begin to develop grow and succeed in the way that they were before the school site was closed in March.

Below is a copy of the letter which I sent to every child before they return to school on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you and them at school on Tuesday morning.

If you need any further information all of the letters and guidance for parents can be found on the school website.

Welcome Back!

A Symonds


To all of the Children at Richard Taylor School,

I am writing a special letter to everyone to let you know how much we are looking forward to seeing you come back to school on Tuesday.

I know that some of you have not been at school for a long time and you might be a little bit nervous or worried about coming back.Some of our children will be starting school for the very first time and will need to be as brave as you will be when you come back to us.

I want you to know that it is OK to be nervous and excited and a little bit scared.

Please don’t worry about what you don’t know yet; we are all going to be on the same learning journey. It is a journey that will be fun and interesting and full of fantastic things to do.

All of the teachers and adults in school have been working really hard to make sure that your classroom is a safe place for you to learn in.

We will do some things in a different way to make sure that everyone is safe and we will teach you all how you can help when you come back to school.

Our school is a very special place and we have missed all of the children who have not been able to come back to learn with us.

I can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday, stay safe and I will see you very soon,


Mr Symonds

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