6 February 2022, Comments: 0

This is a very busy week with two very important dates in the calendar both coming together. This week marks national child mental health week and at RTS we recognise the importance of supporting the mental health of the children as the impact of the last two years become more apparent. Research commissioned by the charity Place2Be reported that over 95% of schools nationally have seen an increase in levels of anxiety in children since the start of the new academic year. Supporting the emotional resilience and wellbeing of our children has been at the heart of our work since fully reopening to all children but we will be particularly highlighting the importance of good mental health this week. If you want to learn more about this subject and how you can support your children please take a look at the link below. The school’s website also contains a wellbeing page full of useful links.


Tuesday also sees Safer Internet Day and the children will all be involved in activities which reinforce the importance of keeping safe on the internet. Many parents often feel that they need to learn more about how they can protect their children when accessing the internet. The school’s website has a further set of links which support safe access to the internet; the link below is a useful starting point.


One of our worship times this week will be led by the fantastic team from the Gospel Hall with other worship times, focussing on the key subjects mentioned above.

The next class QR code will be added next week, the photograph below shows some of the children from Bishopdale Class celebrating Chinese New Year with a plate of delicious noodles. The other photo celebrates some of our yellow jumper winners.

This week we will also be celebrating the super pupils chosen by each class for their outstanding effort during January.

Andrew Symonds

Finally, if you are in Harrogate town centre from Wednesday 9th February please look out for some of our children, projected onto the window below, who will be sharing the reasons why they love Harrogate as part of the I love Harrogate project organised by the ‘Harrogate Business Improvement District Team’.

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