17 May 2020, Comments: 0

Hello Nidderdalers,

Thank you for some brilliant work last week. I really enjoyed all the dramas and recordings for Where the Wild Things Are and there were some fabulous walks that you’ve suggested, hopefully I’ll be able to try some of them soon.

This week, as well as our other work, we are looking at patterns in number, art and nature. Animals use pattern to camouflage themselves so we are looking at how and why they do that.

We have a TTRockstars battle against Swaledale starting tomorrow. We were brilliant against Coverdale, let’s see if we can be even better this week.

Mr Starkey has shared news of a film competition and made an art activity for you to try on Tuesday.

This week’s sport is athletics. Everyone can have a go, you can use whatever you have at home to complete the activity, so look out for the instructions.

Don’t forget to send your photo for our virtual class photos; we need them by Wednesday. The address is: Nidderdale@richardtaylor.ycway.uk Remember, portrait, not in bright sunlight and in school uniform. Thank you if you’ve already done it.

Have a good week,

Mrs Wake

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