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Hello Nidderdalers,

Hope you’ve had a chance to safely get out and enjoy the good weather over the Easter break. It would be great to hear what you’ve been doing and whether you managed to spot any of the birds on the sheet I shared – or any others. Elsa managed to identify a female pheasant. There’ll be more of that kind of thing coming up.

Our new topics are all about the local area and the Amazon rainforest – habitats, geography and history. This week starts with our local environment and Earth Day. On Seesaw, there are a few activities to complete either online or at home with uploads covering maths, English and topic. This week, I am going to let you see each other’s work so that you can add positive comments if you wish. It is your responsibility to be sensible; I will keep an eye on things and remove anything that doesn’t fit the rules.

Don’t forget your mental maths books – please complete progress test 2, if you have one and start section 3 next week. I have set two topics on Maths with Parents too.

The boys have done well in recent TTRockstars battles, so I’ll set another one next week, in the meantime, you should be using the site at least once a week and completing two soundchecks.

If anyone would like screenshots or copies of the sheets I’ve used to set up the activities, please let the office know and I will email them to you.

Finally, I hope you managed to see our video to start the term off. I had great fun putting it together, so maybe we can do our own version at some point; here’s the link:


Stay safe and well,

Mrs Wake

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