9 March 2018, Comments: 0



This week had a great start, because on Monday we had our school world book day! Until lunchtime, we enjoyed reading and looking at different books, we even had a different teacher come in to read us a few books that she liked. In the hall, we performed poems. Every class had learnt a poem to perform to the whole school. For world book day, everyone in the school came dressed up as a character from a book of their choice. There was even a competition to see who had the best costumes in each class, so we all got to vote for our favourite costume.

In maths, we have been learning something easier than it sounds, we have been translating shapes on all four quadrants and finding co-ordinates. Also, we have been looking at symmetry and how to reflect on the mirror line.

In literacy, we have been looking at our topic of survivors. Since Mrs Saunderson was teaching another class PE, Mrs Simpson came in to work on literacy with us. She told us that all of our science, art and literacy will be based around this topic. We read amazing stories of different people who survived even when all the odds were against them. In particular, we were looking at a true story of a man called Mauro Prosperi, who did the Ultra-Marathon des Sables, (Marathon of the Sands) which is a 6-day run for 156 miles across the Sahara desert. When he ran into a sandstorm, he veered miles off course and got lost, he survived on his urine.

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