11 November 2016, Comments: 0

This week is book week, so far we have had many exciting things have happen to us.

We’ve also had lots and lots of SNOWJJ

So far this week we have had an author named Billy Bob Buttons(Edward Trainer.) He came to us to give us a workshop on how to write a book. These are the things he told us.

Before you do anything you have to think about what age the book is for. Then he said you had to think about what the age group would like and if it is aimed at a boy or a girl. After that you think of what you want the story to be about (which is called the plot) think of whether you want it to be comedy, mystery and adventure or maybe even romance.

Finally, you think about the setting and the characters you to be in your book.

We’ve also had a book quiz and the Book Fair, where lots of books were sold.

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