12 April 2019

Wensleydale 12th April

12 April 2019, Comments: 0

Maths We have been practising lots of our maths skills by doing a variety of different questions and some example SAT questions. For example […]

5 April 2019

Wensleydale 5th April

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Maths This week, we have done some questions about graphs from past SATs papers. There were pictograms which are graphs where pictures represent something […]

28 March 2019

Eden Camp

28 March 2019, Comments: 0

Wensleydale and Wharfedale visited Eden Camp museum last week. Read all about the trip in the School News blog.

28 March 2019

Wensleydale 28th March

28 March 2019, Comments: 0

English (and quiz) This week in English we read a chapter from our class book ‘Letters from a Lighthouse’ and answered some more questions. […]

22 March 2019

Wensleydale 22nd March

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English In English we did a big write on a short story clip called ‘Lighthouse’. In summary it was about an old man who […]

14 March 2019

Wensleydale 14th March

14 March 2019, Comments: 0

Blog Maths In Maths we had Mrs Lovell for part of the week. We did coordinates bingo which everyone enjoyed. We learnt how to […]

7 March 2019

Wensleydale 7th March

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Maths In our maths the year 6s have done three maths tests. Two reasoning and one arithmetic. These were practice for our SATs and […]

22 February 2019

Wensleydale 21st February

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Maths At the moment, in our maths we are doing ratio and proportion. This is an example of the sort of question we are […]

14 February 2019

Wensleydale 14th February

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English In English, we have been doing more work on Letters from the Lighthouse. We have answered questions on chapters and have read as […]

7 February 2019

Wensleydale 7th March

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Welcome to Wensleydale’s week English: In our English, we have been doing multiple things. For starters, we have been reading our class book (Letters […]