18 October 2018

Wensleydale 18th October

18 October 2018, Comments: 0

In English we have now finished our persuasive adverts, they are great but they took forever (well, two weeks). Maths…we are looking at factors […]

17 October 2018

Wensleydale 15th October

17 October 2018, Comments: 0

Welcome back to another Wensleydale blog. This week we have started advertising our robot creations in persuasive adverts. In addition, we started the radio […]

5 October 2018

Wensleydale 5th October

5 October 2018, Comments: 0

By George and Edward Welcome back to a Wensleydale blog. This week in our class we learnt that a robot will be joining Wensleydale, […]

1 October 2018

Wensleydale 28th September

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By Edward and George This week in Wensleydale we have visited the Gospel Church for a Bible exhibition. Also this week, we have done […]

21 September 2018

21st September

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Welcome back to Wensleydale’s blog! We hope you all had a good summer. We are looking forward to an exciting year in our new […]

18 June 2018

Wensleydale 14th June

18 June 2018, Comments: 0

English/Topic In our English, we have been learning about the Tudors. The Tudors dynasty began in 1485 (when Henry Tudor, from the House of […]

24 May 2018

Wensleydale w/b 21st May

24 May 2018, Comments: 0

SATs At last!! The dreaded Y6 SATs are over!! In the SATs, we did one test on English, spelling and SPaG, but three tests […]

11 May 2018

Wensleydale 11th May

11 May 2018, Comments: 0

By Luke and Will. English On the first day back after the Easter holiday, we wrote our newspaper reports about Aaron Ralston, former engineer […]

19 March 2018

Wensleydale 16th March

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Last week was quite a busy week! In our Maths lessons, we looked at different types of graphs. We answered questions based on bar-line […]

6 March 2018

Wensleydale blog 26th Feb

6 March 2018, Comments: 0

By Toby and Emi In Maths: We have been carrying on with ratio and proportion. Also, we are finding the mean average of a […]