29 May 2020, Comments: 0

Welcome back to Wensleydale for the last half term of the year!

Gosh, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!?

I hope that you have all enjoyed a good break from your work last week and had plenty of fresh air, walks, bike rides and family time.

I’m really excited about the school theme this week as it’s ‘Authors and Books.’ I really hope that you’re all still enjoying reading and have devoured a few novels whilst you’ve been learning at home. Remember that you still have my Recommended Reads in the back of your Reading Diary. Lots of you will have a great range of books at home too that I hope you’re enjoying. I also know that many of you subscribe to magazines and always enjoyed our super range of magazines and comics in class.

I’ve enjoyed reading ‘Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.’ James has had to study it in Year 7, so it was super to remind myself of what a great book it is whilst helping him! As a little girl, I loved Enid Blyton Books, so have encouraged Daisy to read some. After reading Malory Towers, we adored watching the series on iplayer! Reading books will make you a better writer and improve your vocabulary as well as oodles of other benefits!

Another new book that I’ve ordered but not had chance to read yet is ‘Resues’ by David Long. Remember our super topic, ‘Survivors’ that we were in the middle of before we began lockdown? Well this is his newest book following on from ‘Survivors’ and ‘Heroes.’

Please keep reading!

If you’re ever needing any advice or recommendations as to what to read next, the BookTrust website is a great starting point for you and your families.



There are some great tasks to keep you busy this week, all linked to authors and books. Your maths work this week is some revision around adding and subtracting fractions.

I’m back in school full time now, teaching the children of Key Workers each day. I’m so sorry and sad that you’re all not coming back to school. Please remember that because of this, unfortunately I won’t have as much time to comment on and look at your work, although I’ll try my best! I’m still keeping everything crossed and hoping that we’ll all be back together again before the summer holidays.

Have a great week and happy reading!

Keep safe and take care

Lots of love from Mrs Simpson, Mrs Warby & team


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