3 February 2017, Comments: 0

By Rebecca and Will

At the moment our topic is World War II and we watched some of ‘Carries War’ on Tuesday. It was about a girl and her brother who were evacuees and the film tells what happens to them in their new home and how life was for them.


In Maths we have been finding the area of triangles and parallelograms and we learnt that to find the area of a triangle you need to multiply the height by the length and divide it by two because a triangle is half a rectangle. To find the area of a rectangle you multiply the height/width by the length. We also learnt that to find the area of a parallelogram it’s the same as finding the area of a rectangle.


In English we have started to write our own legend with a magical object in. We have looked at the story of Merlin to get some ideas for our own. The teachers have written one too which should help with ideas. To make sure we get the structure of the story we have used a ‘story mountain’ and this includes opening, problem, climax, resolution and ending. Each day we do one and so far we have done the opening.


In Science we have done an experiment for the BBC’s Terrific Scientific to see if we are a non-taster, taster or super taster. We did this in groups of three and one person at a time put blue food dye on their tongues. The dye helped to expose the little bumps (fungiform papillae). We then put some hole punched card on the tongue and another person could count how many bumps they could see which would tell us what group they were. The more bumps a person has, it’s more likely that they are a super taster and probably won’t like certain foods like olives and Brussel sprouts!


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