4 November 2016, Comments: 0

First week back

This week is the first week back from the holidays and we have missed school and all our friends. We hope you all had a great half term. To say that it’s the first week back we have done lots!

On Tuesday and Wednesday Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Harrison taught us because Mrs Simpson and Mrs Crisell had gone to see Tim Peake! They took lots of photos and some of our work to show him what we did in our Space Week.

On Thursday morning we had a man from Mellors who made smoothies with a bike! We all took it in turns to cycle on the bike and as we did, the fruit in a container turned into a smoothie! We had a great time and got to drink the smoothies. We also got some exercise as well!

We have got a pirate day on Friday to raise money for school funds .One of our parents, Mr Ward, made a boat out of recycled bottles and tried to sail it from York to Whitby! He didn’t make it all the way in his boat, but raised lots of money for our school by people sponsoring him J.

Next week we are all looking forward to Book Week. We’ll be doing lots of book related activities and will all be visiting the Book Fair on Thursday

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