12 October 2018


12 October 2018, Comments: 0

On Wednesday we came in yellow for World Mental Health Day and talked about ways to keep healthy in mind as well as body. […]

5 October 2018

Healthy eating in Dentdale!

5 October 2018, Comments: 0

Covering both Science, English and DT topics we have made vegetable soup and have written some instructions. We also made a delicious, healthy pudding […]

28 September 2018

Dentdale news.

28 September 2018, Comments: 0

This week we have been writing LOST posters for our teddies. (They all enjoyed their day in school on Tuesday!) For European Day of […]

21 September 2018

Dentdale KIRF’s

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We have been working hard to learn our KIRF’s (Key Instant Recall Facts). This half term it is all the doubles and halves from […]

14 September 2018

Good news!

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This week in RE we began thinking about the Gospel and the good news that Jesus shared with his friends. We are starting homework […]

7 September 2018

Welcome to Dentdale.

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Welcome to the start of an exciting school year in Dentdale! We have lots planned and it’s great to have got started! You all […]

19 July 2018

Farewell from Dentdale

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This is our final blog of the year. We hope you have enjoyed reading them! What a fantastic year we have had! Thank you […]

6 July 2018

Dentdale blog

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Another exciting week here in Dentdale as we are nearing the end of term. This week we have enjoyed a fantastic violin recital from […]

29 June 2018

Sports week

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Sports week started with sports day, which was a great afternoon, even though it was very hot! We are challenging ourselves this week with […]

22 June 2018

Dentdale blog

22 June 2018, Comments: 0

This week we have been remembering last week’s super Tropical World visit. In Art we made chameleons and butterflies. As part of National Insect […]