8 March 2019

Wharfedale 8th March 2019

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English During English this week we investigated propaganda posters and freedom is in peril for our new book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, when we […]

15 February 2019

15th February 2019

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English During English this week, we have been thinking about figurative language. Charlotte, George and Jacob did some acting of a scene where Cliff […]

8 February 2019

Wharfedale 8th February 2019

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Maths This week we looked at roman numerals and changing them into the numbers we use today. In addition, we looked at converting cm […]

7 February 2019

28th January 2019

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Monday In the morning, we did English and in English, we did a diary entry and after that, we had break. Then in maths, […]

31 January 2019

Wharfedale 21st January

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Monday In the morning, M&M productions came and performed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ it was amazing, we were very lucky to get such a […]

22 November 2018


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This Tuesday, in the morning, after play, we did science where we had a hoop, a torch and an object. We measured the shadows […]

14 June 2018


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Wharfedale Blog On Monday, we were looking further into the subject of the Tudors and for early morning work, we completed a fact file […]

18 May 2018


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SATs Week This week we have been working hard and finally we have finished our SATs week. On Monday, we did our first two […]

26 April 2018


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Wharfedale Blog   This week, in maths, we have been looking at calculations with missing numbers and using different methods to try to work […]

15 March 2018


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Wharfedale Blog In maths, we have been looking at finding missing angles and how to calculate the angle itself. This was as if we […]